The Milwaukee Police Band March was written for the Milwaukee Police Band by Composer Howard Bernard Weeks born March 12, 1888 in Sacramento, California.  


Howard B. Weeks received piano instruction from his mother at an early age.  He began study of the violin at the age of twelve.  At sixteen he conducted a large young peoples orchestra.  He began his professional career at seventeen.  He became a circus bandmaster in 1911 and came east in 1913.  Howard's musical career included concert, theater and road shows as a musician and vaudeville performer.  He composed a number of comedy songs and opening choruses for musical comedy and burlesque. 

Howard moved to Milwaukee in 1926 and later became interested in sacred music and orchestrated compositions. 

It was during the 1930's that Howard composed the Milwaukee Police Band March for the Milwaukee Police Band.  The handwritten manuscript is preserved at the Safety Academy in Milwaukee outside of the band room in the display cases used by the band.

Howard joined the musicians union in Milwaukee on April 27, 1936 and was listed as a violin and  clarinet player.

Beside several hymns and Gospel choruses his orchestrated works include Playtime Fantasie on Childrens Songs (for band and orchestra), Symphonic Fantasie on Negro Spirituals (for orchestra), Scoutcraft March (for band and orchestra) and the Milwaukee Police Band March (for band). 

Howard Weeks died on April 15, 1961 of bronchopneumonia and is buried in an unmarked grave in Pine Lawn Cemetery.


All rights for this piece are reserved by the band.  A copy of the entire set of manuscript parts can be obtained for a set donation made to the band.  For further information please contact the band office at (414) 935-7933.